3 Ways to Troubleshoot Standing Water on Patios and Pool Decks

Are you having trouble with persistent flooding on patios and pool decks? It’s not as uncommon as you might think! If those puddles are lingering, chances are the water has no place to go. Not only are they slip hazards, they can turn into ugly mold and mildew stains on concrete and mosquito breeding grounds which can lead to the spread of diseases. They can even erode the hardscape and lead to costly property damage. Here are three ways to tackle the standing water and help take care of it for good.

Channel drain by a swimming pool

#1: Remove standing water with channel drains or pipe grates

Channel drains are used to drain sheet-flow runoff from hardscapes such as driveways, patios, pool areas, courtyards, and walkways. Ideal for larger areas, these drains have the capacity to drain moderate runoff flows. These long, narrow drains with grates collect water from surrounding surfaces and direct it away to drain pipe. 

💡 TIP: In order for these drains to work properly, the hardscape should be sloped toward the channel drain or drain grate. Also, check the grates regularly to make sure they aren’t covered by leaves and debris so water can easily drain.

Pipe grate poolside

#2: Remove standing water in smaller areas with pipe grates

For smaller areas and lighter flows, a grate that fits directly onto pipe or pipe fittings can be used by itself in a low spot or in a series to collect and convey water. These small grates capture water from smaller areas, such as small lawns, landscaped areas, patios and walkways. The water then travels through pipes to a release point downstream or to an infiltration system to disperse it evenly into the ground.

💡 TIP: To work effectively and efficiently, the hardscape should be sloped toward the grate and the grate should be placed in an area that receives light runoff flows. Also, check the grates regularly to make sure they aren’t covered by leaves and debris so water can easily drain.

NDS Flo Well Dry Well

#3: Prevent runoff from flooding adjacent landscapes with the catch basin or dry well 

When excess surface water from the patio or pool deck spills over onto the lawn and landscape, it can lead to a mucky mess. Consider using a catch basin, grate, and drain pipe to capture and redirect the water away to a discharge point downstream. In addition, an infiltration system, such as the Flo-Well® Dry Well, can be used to collect, temporarily store, and slowly release excess water evenly into the ground.

💡 TIP: Check to make sure these drainage solutions are positioned to intercept the runoff from the patio or pool deck so they can capture the water immediately to prevent flooding the area.

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