Water In Planter Area

Excess water in your planter bed can stress and kill plants, causing costly damage to your landscaping. An NDS drainage system can save you money and headaches by moving water away from planting beds. NDS has the products and expertise you need to do it right.
High Capacity

High Capacity

11 - 13 hours to Complete
$470 – $575 Estimated Materials Cost
Medium Capacity

Medium Capacity

10 - 12 hours to Complete
$260 – $320 Estimated Materials Cost
Low Capacity

Low Capacity

5 - 7 hours to Complete
$95 – $125 Estimated Materials Cost

What Capacity Should I Choose?

We generally recommend higher capacity systems if you live in an area with: 1) frequent and/or heavy rains, or 2) soils high in clay or silt content, or 3) a high volume of storm water is converging on the problem area, or 4) a need to retain and percolate storm water into the ground on the property. For water in your planter area, the high and medium capacity solutions capture and carry water to a dry well, which allows it to slowly percolate into the ground. The low capacity solution captures surface runoff and carries it away before discharging to a water-safe area downstream.

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