How To Keep Your Neighbor’s Water Runoff from Flooding Your Yard

Flooding in your neighbor’s yard might not be something that concerns you now, but it can become a bigger problem when it runs over into your yard. Water that can’t properly drain from lawns or planting areas along a property line can create stagnant standing pools that are not just eyesores— they can oversaturate the soil killing the greenery in your landscape, create mosquito breeding grounds, and cause dangerous slip hazards on your property. Of course, the same situation can go the other way. Part of being a good neighbor is making sure stormwater runoff from your yard isn’t spilling into your neighbor’s yard as well.  

Having a proper underground drainage system in place is one way to effectively capture, temporarily detain, and percolate this standing water back into the ground or release it downstream from either property. This can be done using the NDS® Flo-Well® Dry Well and EZFlow™ Engineered French Drain. 

What is a Flo-Well Dry Well? 

Flo-Well Dry Well

The Flo-Well Dry Well is a lightweight system that consists of 3 side panels and 1 cover. Installed underground, it collects surface water using a surface drain inlet (sold separately) that connects to the knockout hole on the cover. The gravel-free dry well holds up to 250% more detention volume than comparable-sized gravel dry wells and slowly releases water runoff into the ground through the open bottom and knockout weepholes. It can also connect to 4 in. sewer and drain or DWV/Sch. 40 drain pipes from any of the 12 side-panel knockout points to convey water for proper release downstream. 


What is an EZFlow French Drain? 

Retaining Wall with EZFlow French Drain

The EZFlow French Drain is a gravel-free stormwater management solution that captures and removes adjacent groundwater to prevent saturation and flooding in your yard. Unlike traditional French drain pipe and gravel systems which require hauling and shoveling large amounts of rock and gravel to fill the trench, the EZFlow French Drain system can be installed in half the time due to the lightweight patented Poly-Rock™ material, providing a 30% better flow rate than gravel and pipe systems.  

EZFlow French Drains comes preassembled with 3 in. or 4 in. slotted corrugated pipe and lightweight aggregate encased in a geotextile mesh fabric. It connects to additional EZFlow French Drains of the same size or to 3 in. or 4 in. single-wall corrugated drain pipe using an internal coupling or 3 in. and 4 in. sewer and drain pipe with a pipe adapter (fittings sold separately).  

What is a Pop-up Drainage Emitter? 

NDS Pop-Up Drainage Emitter

The Pop-up Drainage Emitter is positioned in a water-safe area downstream to release water collected from upstream. It pops up under slight water pressure; once the flow diminishes, the cap closes to keep debris and critters out of your drainage system. NDS offers Pop-up Emitters that fit 3 in., 4 in., and 6 in. drain pipes.  

How do they work together? 

Once collected water fills the buried Flo-Well Dry Well, it’ll disperse through weepholes or bottom into the ground; attach to drain pipe to convey water to a connected EZFlow French Drain for additional detention and infiltration capacity. Excess water can also be conveyed with drain pipe from the EZFlow French Drain to a Pop-up Drainage Emitter to discharge at a point of release downstream. 

We’re here to help! 

NDS is the preferred choice of contractors with resources and products to help you get the job done right. The Flo-Well Dry Well, EZFlow French Drain, and Pop-up Drainage Emitter can help prevent flooding and keep your yard healthy and safe. For product information, online tools, and support, visit